Hall Thorpe Sports


School Principals and Presidents

"Hall-Thorpe Sports undertakes its sports based activity program on the school grounds with a good level of care. The parents are very happy with the duty of care and the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of participants and staff."

Mr Michael Cash, Principal, St Thomas More's Primary.

"Hall-Thorpe Sports has been providing after school care at our school since 2007. In my experience, I have found the staff to be friendly and professional and the service to be very well run. The children are actively engaged in interesting activities and there always seems to be something fun going on! I would have no hesitation in recommending Hall-Thorpe Sports to parents seeking an entertaining, affordable and well run after hours program for their children."

Mr Chris Rosentreter, Sacred Heart Primary.

"St Saviour's currently runs an After School Care Program, which is provided by Hall-Thorpe Sports. Hall-Thorpe Sports have been providing care for your children here at St Saviour's Primary School since 2007. We are pleased to say that Hall-Thorpe Sports have provided an excellent quality program for your children and we are happy to recommend them as a care provider."

Ms Donna Muir, Principal, St Saviour's Primary.

"Hall-Thorpe Sports provide an exceptional level of care for the children of Our Lady of Lourdes school community. They provide a stimulating sports based program tht takes into account each child's skills and abilities in a non-competitive environment. The service provides a variety of planned and spontaneous programs which have always resulted in an enjoyable experience for its participants. Hall-Thorpe Sports management also communicates with both myself and other members of my staff in a clear and concise manner, and always investigates potential issues promptly. Hall-Thorpe Sports staff interact with children using a respectful and professional approach, while recognising the unique attributes of each child."

Mr Chis Golightly, School Principal, Our Lady of Lourdes Primary.

"The St Mary's Old Boys Association has during its association with Hall-Thorpe Sports witnessed the growth of their program with both parents and children very happy with the quality of care and the programs offered during vacation care. The children enjoy going to the vacation care program as a result of the programs and the friendly nature of the staff employed by Hall-Thorpe Sports. Hall-Thorpe Sports is a trusted and valued business partner of the St Mary's Old Boys Association."

Mr Joe Guerrini, President, St Mary's Old Boys Association.


"I am particularly impressed with the way the staff have established are excellent rapport with the children. I feel that the children and I are able to communicate with them in an open and honest way on a daily basis. The staff are professional in their manner, and utilise very positive approaches to behaviour management. Administration are always extremely helpful and efficient. Any queries or concerns I've had have been dealt with immediately. Staff also allow children's input into the content of the program. The extra sports tuition programs they provide allow the children to learn new skills that they would not have had the opportunity to participate in."

K. Reid

"I have found that Hall-Thorpe Sports provide a great and reliable service at all times. The staff are friendly and helpful and offer a variety of fun activities for the children to enjoy during after school care."

D. Stewart

"I have found Hall-Thorpe Sports to be a very friendly easy going service. As for my girls - they would go every day if I let them! The staff at after school care are one of a kind, and have made my girls feel right at home - from giving them afternoon tea, to playing and teaching them sport to indoor activities. I couldn't ask for anything more. Also, the flexibility offered on non-booked days is great. I would highly recommend this care service."

A. Christensen

My son has been attending Hall-Thorpe Sports After School and Vacation Care for four years. The staff provide a stimulating program and my son always enjoys attending. They provide very personalised service, which allows me to know my son is receiving high quality care. I have good trust in the staff and know they always make a genuine effort to ensure my child enjoys the programs.

R Goleby

The programs at Hall-Thorpe Sports are great. My daughter goes to after school care and attends vacation care very school holidays. My daughter has a moderate intellectual impairment, and the staff do a fantastic job in ensuring the program caters to her needs. The owner of the business has direct input into the programs and takes a very personalised approach. The staff are really great and provide a fun and active program. I am always confident leaving my daughter in the care of Hall-Thorpe Sports

E Bragg

I cannot recommend Hall-Thorpe Sports enough, and cannot stress what an invaluable asset it is to the working parent, having care available onsite for my son brings me great peace of mind. It's less stressful and less of a distraction to my son not having to navigate and adjust to the constant change in location each day. Being onsite also allows for those parents who utilise both morning and afterschool care to maintain a connection to the school environment and community, which would be difficult otherwise. Hall-Thorpe Sports staff are wonderful, and due to the nature of the service they offer, are able to get to know who my sons teachers are and easily relay any small messages in the afternoon. The array of activities available is fantastic, and allows my son to bond with other children of all different grades in the same school.

A Harmer

Hall-Thorpe Sports have been absolutely fantastic with the service they provide for my family, as myself and my partner work long hours and the staff are very accommodating to the needs of our child.

Josh Rudd and Kylie Humston