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Outdoor Activities

The relationship between learning and the development of motor skills is well documented. Research shows that children who play sport and are physically active are more likely have improved learning and more positive education outcomes.

OSHC programs which engage students in physical activity, are more likely to see benefits across a range of areas, including physical and psychological wellbeing, and scholastic improvement.

Hall-Thorpe OSHC have created many engaging opportunities in our program for children to play actively, supporting the children's gross motor development and improving their short and long term physical health outcomes.

When creating and planning activities we take a holistic approach and ensure that our sports programs provide nurturing of children's physical skills, social skills through team work and competition, their spirit through the thrill of playing for a team, and their mental strength and emotional stamina to both win and lose. However, all of our activities both sporting and non-sporting, are designed to be enjoyable and non-competitive.

Indoor Activities

Hall-Thorpe Sports has a cultural theme which all arts and craft and inside activities are based. The purpose of Hall-Thorpe Sports cultural framework is to understand and accept other cultures other than our own. Through its culturally based arts and crafts program, it places focus on educating children to understand Self and other and that the cultural difference that exists is something to be embraced.

While Hall-Thorpe Sports encourages cultural development, it requires that children partake in at least 1.5 hours of physical activity before they begin sedentary activities. However, all activities both sporting and non-sporting, are designed to be enjoyable and non-competitive.

Life Skills

Hall-Thorpe Sports has catered for the development of life skills by creating a time usually at the end of the day to converse with children about different topics such as:

  • Child safety issues
  • Hydration in sport
  • Water safety
  • Balancing indoor and outdoor play
  • Strategies for fair competition in sport
  • Road safety
  • Hygiene
  • Healthy eating
  • Anti-Bullying strategies

Hall-Thorpe Sports offers a wide variety of activities, both gross motor and creative. During the afternoon period children are given an opportunity to choose different activities. By allowing children to choose between physical outdoor activities, and indoor aesthetic activities allows the child freedom and choice. During these times children are encouraged to talk openly about their creations, music is often played during these times to stimulate and allow the child to respond to movement. Hall-Thorpe Sports staff encourage physical and creative development by asking the children open ended questions, and suggesting appropriate strategies.

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