Hall Thorpe Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to enrol my child into a Hall-Thorpe Sports program. What do I do?


Complete and sign the relevant enrolment form.


Return your form, including the Ezi Debit payment form, and any medication and special request forms to:

Hall-Thorpe Sports

PO Box 262

Southtown QLD 4350


Fax to: (07) 4638 7585


Scan and email the forms to us. Please call us on 07 4638 7965 to obtain our email address.

Can I complete enrolment forms online?

As a result of government regulations, you are required to sign the enrolment form. Therefore, you cannot submit the forms electronically. However, you can complete the form online, and then print it off, and either post, scan or fax it.

How do I know my enrolment has been processed?

You will be contacted within two working days of receipt of your enrolment forms. If you do not hear from our office, please contact us immediately.

My child has special requirements, and/or requires medication. Can Hall-Thorpe Sports deal with this?

Yes, if your child has a medical condition, please note this on the enrolment form. Also, if your child requires medication, please complete a medication form, and return it with your enrolment. It is advisable to discuss any medical conditions with our office staff. They will ensure your child receives the highest level of care from Hall-Thorpe Sports Coordinators and support staff. If you have any special requirements or requests for your child, please complete a special request form and return with your enrolment.

What is the itinerary at after school care? What happens?

All Hall-Thorpe Sports after school programs are conducted on the school grounds of each participating school. The following occurs each day:

  1. Children assemble at the after school care checkpoint (Hall-Thorpe Sports office staff will inform you of this location)
  2. Children are signed into after school care by the Coordinator.
  3. Children are provided with afternoon tea.
  4. Children are able, if they choose or instructed by parents, to commence their homework.
  5. The activities planned for the afternoon are discussed between staff and children.
  6. Children are divided into groups (this depends on activities and ages) and the afternoon activities begin.
  7. Children are encouraged to partake in at least one hour of outdoor/physical activity. All activities are pre planned by Hall-Thorpe Sports management and Coordinators. Outdoor activities may be structured or unstructured, depending on the itinerary for that day. There is a weekly program displayed at each service.
  8. Children if they desire, go inside, and undertake more sedentary activities for example, art, craft, dance etc.
  9. Children are able to go between activities if they desire. There will usually be at least two separate activities going on at any one time. They have the option to go between activities if they so choose.
  10. Children are signed out from after school care by their parents. The service closes at 6pm every school day, during school term time.

Is there food provided at after school and vacation care?

Afternoon tea is provided at after school care, and consists of fruit, custard, yoghurt and rice crackers. Morning and afternoon tea is also provided at vacation care, however parents are required to pack lunch for their child/ren. Hall-Thorpe Sports staff will toast sandwiches for children (that parents have provided), and also, will add water to noodles etc.

I would like my child to undertake his/her homework. Is this possible?

Yes, there is opportunity provided for children to undertake homework. It should be noted however, that homework is NOT COMPULSORY at after school care. Therefore, if you wish your child to undertake his/her homework, please inform the after school care staff at your school.

I'm not sure what my rebate is, and/or what it is going to cost me. What should I do?

Accounts are charged fortnightly, and deducted from your bank account every second Friday.

Hall-Thorpe Sports is eligible to provide child care benefits (CCB), on behalf of the government to parents/guardians. You will be reimbursed 50% of your out of pocket expenses by the Federal government. This is the Child Care Tax Rebate (CCTR) which is available to all families who are working, training or studying. Further, you may be entitled to even further rebates provided by the Government. These deductions are calculated using a percentage determined by the Government, in accordance with your income.

Please contact Family Assistance Office (PH:136150) to ensure you are registered for childcare benefit and childcare rebate.

Do you charge me if my child doesn't attend after school or vacation care?

The after school care fee and the vacation care fee will be reduced to 50% of the daily fee when parents notify Hall-Thorpe Sports of their child's absence. For those who receive CCB (Childcare Rebate), the rebate will cover some, most, or this entire fee depending on the CCB %.

In the case of after school care, please note that if parents do not inform Hall-Thorpe Sports that their child is absent the full fee will be charged. Parents must phone Hall-Thorpe Sports on (07) 46387965 to inform us of their child's absence.

How far in advance do I have to cancel a booking to ensure there is no fee?

There will be no absent fees charged if parents provide two weeks' notice for after school care, and one weeks' notice for vacation care.

My child has never been in after school care and/or vacation care before. I'm a little apprehensive. What should I expect?

Hall-Thorpe Sports is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who use its services. Hall-Thorpe Sports staff will treat children with respect and understanding at all times. All educators will make every effort to ensure that Hall-Thorpe Sports' services are of the highest standard, and that every child is protected and nurtured.

Hall-Thorpe Sports aims to operate within a child ratio of approximately 1 carer to every 11 children. While the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care requires 1 carer for every 15 children, Hall-Thorpe Sports operates from the philosophy that duty of care is best served with a lower staff to child ratio.