Hall Thorpe Sports

Hall-Thorpe Sports After School Care Programs

All Hall-Thorpe Sports after school programs are conducted on the school grounds of each participating school. The following occurs each day:

  1. Children assemble at the after school care checkpoint (Hall-Thorpe Sports office staff will inform you of this location)
  2. Children are signed into after school care by the Coordinator.
  3. Children are provided with afternoon tea.
  4. Children are able, if they choose or instructed by parents, to commence their homework.
  5. The activities planned for the afternoon are discussed between staff and children.
  6. Children are divided into groups (this depends on activities and ages) and the afternoon activities begin.
  7. Children are encouraged to partake in at least one hour of outdoor/physical activity. All activities are pre planned by Hall-Thorpe Sports management and Coordinators. Outdoor activities may be structured or unstructured, depending on the itinerary for that day. There is a weekly program displayed at each service.
  8. Children if they desire, go inside, and undertake cultural themed activities.
  9. Children are able to go between activities if they desire. There will usually be at least two separate activities going on at any one time. They have the option to go between activities if they so choose.
  10. Children are signed out from after school care by their parents. The service closes at 6pm every school day, during school term time.

Participating Schools