Hall Thorpe Sports

About Us

What We Do

Hall-Thorpe Sports is a Queensland based outside school hours care organisation, designed to address the growing need to provide a quality and active after school care (on school premises) and vacation care services. The aim of Hall-Thorpe Sports is to focus on the four developmental movement concepts which are essential to learning patterns during early/middle childhood: Body Awareness; Effort Awareness; Space Awareness; and Relationship Awareness.

Hall-Thorpe Sports is owned and operated by Dr Mary Anne Hall, who is committed to providing a quality service to children in Outside School Hours Care. Hall-Thorpe Sports provides on campus and school based programs that are noncompetitive, activity based, and holistic in their approach and implementation. Importantly, all of Hall-Thorpe Sports programs are inclusive of all students, regardless of skill level or perceived ability.

Hall-Thorpe Sports caters to a range of diverse groups in both its before school, after school and vacation care programs. Hall-Thorpe Sports encourages and actively seeks to cater to the needs of its diverse range of children, by utilising support programs provided by local government agencies. Representatives from these agencies regularly visit all of Hall-Thorpe Sports services to observe program implementation. In addition, Hall-Thorpe Sports accesses a range of resources from government agencies, in order to ensure that the needs of children with special requirements are catered for. This may involve employing an extra staff member for one-to-one care, and also, providing extra training for staff in relation to behavioural disorders etc.

Hall-Thorpe Sports inclusion and anti - bias policy focuses on the following: Hall-Thorpe Sports Staff members will:

  • Cultivate each child's ability.
  • Develop programs which support inclusiveness.
  • Ensure all children are able to recognise and respect diversity.
  • Regularly assess the physical environment for inclusiveness and undertake plans to change the environment where appropriate.

Mission Statement and Values

"Hall-Thorpe Sports aims to promote physical activity, positive self-concepts and nutritional needs, in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment."

The values which underpin Hall-Thorpe Sports provision of a quality service are:

  • Children's physical, emotional and social needs are met in a safe, caring and supportive environment;
  • The best interests of the child are the paramount concern;
  • Promotes physical activity, positive self-concepts and nutritional needs;
  • Inform parents and children in regards to 'cultural industries' (impact of television, film, technology etc. on children's eating habits) and socio-economic and demographic variables which impinge on childhood activity and health.