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Providers of beforeafter school and school holiday programs.


Welcome to Hall-Thorpe Sports web site. I am happy to provide you with this opportunity to inform you about all the services Hall-Thorpe Sports provides.  The web site is user friendly, and designed to allow you the opportunity to both learn about our programs, and to access the relevant enrolment forms.


Hall-Thorpe Sports is a fully registered provider of sports based outside school hours care. It provides its services to a range of Toowoomba schools, with the aim of providing affordable and high quality before school, after school and vacation care. It is a fully licensed child care provider, and as thus, is licensed to receipt child care rebate (CCB) on behalf of the Federal Government.



The relationship between learning and the development of motor skills

The relationship between learning and the development of motor skills is well documented. Research shows that children who play sport and are physically active, are more likely to have improved learning and more positive education outcomes. Within this framework then, after school programs such as Hall-Thorpe Sports, which engage students in physical activity, are more likely to see benefits across a range of areas, including physical and psychological wellbeing, and scholastic improvement.  While Hall-Thorpe Sports has been designed to address the child care needs of dual income families, it also provides significant advantages for primary care givers who are not employed outside the home, but are aware of the importance of physical activity.


Personal Service and Exceptional Care

Hall-Thorpe Sports prides itself on its personal service, and exceptional level of care. One of the key differences between Hall-Thorpe Sports and other providers is its staff to child ratios.  Hall-Thorpe Sports operates within a child ratio of  approximately 1 carer to every 11 children. While the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care requires 1 carer for every 15 children, Hall-Thorpe Sports operates form the philosophy that duty of care is best served with a lower staff to child ratio. Hall-Thorpe Sports has an excellent safety record in relation to its care of children.


Our aim at Hall-Thorpe Sports is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all children who use its services.  Its programs provide an opportunity for children to participate in a range of different sports, in a nonthreatening and non-competitive environment.


Best wishes,

Dr Mary Anne Hall

Owner and Director of Hall-Thorpe Sports